Chinese courts hear two LGBT rights test cases

Two cases concerning sexual orientation and gender identity were heard at court this week in China.  These so-called “test cases” are challenging traditional, conservative attitudes and laws towards the LGBTI community in the country.  Both cases are notable for expanding public awareness and discourse around issues of sexual orientation and gender identity.

On Monday a labor tribunal heard the case of a Trans man who said he was fired for wearing men’s clothing.  The suit, believed to be the first around issues of Trans rights, has been widely covered both online and by state-run print and broadcast media outlets.

Additionally, today a court in the city of Changsha, China heard the country’s first marriage equality case.  Sun Wenlin is challenging local authorities who denied his request to marry his partner, arguing that the law does not specifically state marriage can only be between a man and a woman.  While a judge ruled against the couple, LGBTI advocates have taken heart at the fact that the court even agreed to hear the case, and an appeal is planned.

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