Chief Marketing Officer at the Economist pens an op-ed on the benefits of being an Out leader

“The flip side of being truthful about your sexuality in the workplace is that you have to come out, on a daily basis, and often to people you don’t really care about,” writes Brunt.

“But being authentic is extremely important, and for some key reasons. Firstly, the amount of time and energy spent concealing your identity is keeping your brain from fulfilling its potential.

Many of my best ideas about problem solving or strategizing at work, come to me spontaneously when my subconscious has been quietly pondering in the background.

How many of us have enjoyed a light bulb moment in the shower… walking the dog… at 1am? When you are fully engaged in the job, your subconscious continues that work after hours, and being authentic frees up your mind from issues like, ‘How could I lie about this?’, ‘How can I avoid that situation?’, ‘What if I’m expected to bring a partner?’ taking priority.”

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