Bringing a corporate lens to the global LGBTQ+ movement in a time of transition

COVID-19 has accelerated existing trends such as remote work, dissemination of technology, global interdependence as well as a public focus on economic and social inequalities.

With many Governments responding by doubling-down on populism and isolationism, private sector driven solutions to global issues are in demand from consumers, employees and investors.

In this context, the commercial interests of multinational businesses are becoming even more central and powerful in shaping our the world we live in. Across the globe, people trust business leaders more than they do their government, as Edelman’s 2020 Trust Barometer shows. Similarly two thirds of investors under 30 declare they would prefer that their investments have a positive social or environmental impact(paywall). And finally 92% of employees expect their CEO to speak up in 2020. These numbers speak for themselves. This is why we believe business leaders who are committed to building a post-COVID-19 world which is fairer, more equitable and stable need to be equipped with the right information.

To help arm business leaders with the information they need to advance the cause of LGBTQ+ equality, we created a content series called the Global Pulse on Equality. This series will include regular virtual events, in-person roundtables (when we are able to convene safely once again), weekly op-eds from around the globe, a regular e-newsletter and a weekly summation of LGBTQ+ equality news curated by yours truly. We are doing this to provide corporate decision-makers with conversations, information and opportunities to act on LGBTQ+ Equality so companies can use their influence, leverage their talent and position themselves as part of the solution.

Since January 2020, the Global Pulse on Equality has hosted a range of internationally renowned LGBTQ+ activists speaking about a wide range of LGBTQ+ equality topics:

We have published more than 40 articles on our website on global topics such as the impact of COVID-19 on our community, the LGBTQ+ community’s response to the Black Lives Matter movement, the status of so-called “freedom of religion” bills as well as the momentous workplace equality SCOTUS decision in the United States.

I’ve also had the privilege this year of participating in global LGBTQ+ equality conversations at the World Economic Forum, the East Meets West Conference, the Council of Europe Pride Event and a special Global Pulse on Equality event focused on India in partnership with our member firm Nomura.

We have interviewed activists from Brazil, Spain, Mauritius or Argentina on the latest LGBTQ+ equality developments in their countries. You can read all the interviews here. In addition we are leading monthly conversations jointly with activists and business leaders on some of the most difficult environments facing LGBTQ+ Equality in Poland or the Middle-East. We will continue to focus on driving corporate philanthropic donations towards the LGBTQ+ grassroot organizations who work with the most marginalized people in our community.

At Out Leadership we are convinced that COVID-19 is a big opportunity for values-driven companies to change capitalism for the better. On our 10th anniversary, we recommit to be the global voice of business leveraging the economic power of the private sector for LGBTQ+ equality.