Brands should take care to support LGBT+ people year-round

Pride Month begins on June 1st, and while LGBT+ people take the opportunity to celebrate their identities, histories and cultures, brand will also be kicking their campaigns targeted toward LGBT+ markets into high gear.

In the Advocate, OgilvyRED analyst Billy LePage argues that brands need to understand their motivations for engaging with Pride, and seek to ground their campaigns with genuine concern for and engagement with LGBT+ equality.

“Awareness and commercialization of Pride Month have grown in tandem with improving perceptions of queerness globally,” LePage writes. “But the fight is far from over, and to the brands that have adopted a one-month-only, superficial approach to allyship: You need to do better.”

He continues: “True advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community extends beyond a sponsored mixer, rainbow logos, or well wishes. To tout oneself as an ally to the community, brands must respect the historical significance of Pride marches and empower meaningful action.”

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