Beth Brooke-Marciniak writes on Davos, LGBT issues

Out Leadership Global Advisory Board Member Beth Brooke-Marciniak, Global Vice Chair, Public Policy at EY, has published a blog on the World Economic Forum’s website entitled, “Talk from the top isn’t enough, we need visible LGBT leaders.”

Brooke-Marciniak celebrates the progress that has been made, especially by EY, since LGBT issues were first included on the agenda at Davos.  For example, EY recently released a report showing how important it is for companies to have visible out senior executives, both to create an inclusive, productive environment for LGBT employees and drive lasting, positive change in countries around the world.

In 2015 EY sponsored a high-level panel in Taiwan featuring Brooke-Marciniak organized around the concept that “Difference Matters” for the bottom lines of business.  The participation of senior leaders on the panel spurred significant media interest in Taiwan, where LGBT issues are not often addressed in the public sphere.  Indeed, Taiwan’s largest newspaper, United Daily News, published a feature article on business and LGBT inclusion in the days following the discussion.

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