Bermuda becomes first country to re-ban same-sex marriage

Bermuda’s Senate voted to approve the Domestic Partnership Act, which will again ban same-sex marriage in the British island territory after it was mad legal by a Supreme Court ruling in May. Under the new law, gay couples will be able to obtain domestic partnerships, while straight couples can choose between domestic partnerships and marriage.

The new legislation is a reaction to widespread opposition to marriage equality in the socially conservative society of Bermuda. Crystal Casesar of the ruling party told the Guardian: “Society largely does not support same-sex marriage nor is it prepared to accept it at this time.”

The new law, which must still be signed into law by the territory’s governor, means that Bermuda is the first country to legalize, then re-ban, same-sex marriage.

Advocates for same-sex marriage argued that taking marriage rights away from same-sex couples would negatively impact Bermuda’s economy, which relies on tourism and, particularly, finance. 85% of Bermuda’s GDP comes from reinsurance or other financial services.

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