As term ends, Dr. York Chow fondly reflects on LGBT engagement

At a press conference today, Dr. York Chow Yat-ngok, the outgoing Chairman of the Equal Opportunities Commission of Hong Kong, said he would most miss engaging with the LGBT community when his term ends.  Chow has been an outspoken advocate for LGBT equality in Hong Kong, which may have influenced the government’s decision last year not to reappoint him to the EOC.

Speaking to the press, he stated, “since I got involved in LGBT rights, a lot of friends and relatives actually came out to me. I find that [the LGBT community] faces complicated and painful problems.  Hong Kong cannot continually ignore this.”

Chow’s support for LGBT rights has been controversial, engendering both support and protest.  He was the first EOC head to march in a gay pride parade, and was a speaker at Out Leadership’s 2014 Asia Summit.  In advance of that event he wrote, “Ensuring equal opportunities for all [LGBTI] people, is a key success factor for Hong Kong’s future, both as an international city as well as a regional centre for business and financial services.”

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