Anti-LGBT state laws put Republicans at odds with business

There is a growing tension between corporate interests and the views of grassroots Republican voters when it comes to issues like immigration and LGBT rights, according to Roll Call.

Large companies such as Deutsche Bank and PayPal are leading the charge against recently passed anti-LGBT laws in states like North Carolina and Mississippi, putting them at odds with the Republican lawmakers and governors who drafted and signed the laws.  Jim Gerlach, the head of the Business-Industry Political Action Committee and a former Member of the U.S. House of Representatives, described the situation as “messy, ugly, it’s one for the books… I’m not sure parties are in control anymore, it’s all individual performance.”

Despite this disconnect, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has contributed almost all of its $5.5 million in election spending to Republicans.  A spokesman said that the organization does not engage on social issues, and as such the laws in North Carolina and Mississippi do not factor into its decisions.  The business response to such legislation, however, suggests that LGBT rights have become a business, as well as a social, issue.

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