Anti-LGBT coalition criticizes Hong Kong Equal Opportunities Commission

A coalition of 42 self-described “pro-family” groups has criticized a report from Hong Kong’s Equal Opportunities Commission on the introduction of nondiscrimination legislation to protect LGBTI Hong Kongers.  

The group took umbrage with a portion of the EOC report that expressed “clear support” for LGBTI nondiscrimination legislation among the population of Hong Kong.  The coalition described the report as “misleading,” and noted that support for marriage equality in Hong Kong is not absolute.  They did not, however, comment on polls that have shown a large majority in support of nondiscrimination policies.

Lee Chun-keung of Ban Gay Marriage Hong Kong also challenged EOC Chairman Dr. York Chow to a debate on the issue of marriage equality.  Since assuming office in 2013, Chow has shown himself to be a strong advocate for the LGBT community by supporting LGBT rights groups, participating in gay pride marches, and engaging on LGBT inclusion with the business community, including by speaking at Out Leadership’s Asia Summit in 2014.

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