Anti-LGBT bills expected in Indiana, New Mexico, Tennessee

Lawmakers in multiple states are preparing to introduce anti-LGBT legislation in the coming legislative sessions.  Reports suggest that state legislators in Indiana, New Mexico, and Tennessee have prepared discriminatory bills for 2016.

Republicans in Indiana will introduce a bill that would prohibit individuals from using public bathrooms or locker rooms different from their birth sex.  As such, if passed the legislation would prevent Trans people from using facilities that correctly align with their gender identity.

In New Mexico, state representatives David Gallegos and Nora Espinoza have already filed a bill similar to a so-called Religious Freedom Restoration Act that will be considered next year.  If passed, the law would allow businesses and individuals to discriminate against people based on their sexual orientation or gender identity, as long as such discriminatory actions were justified by religious conviction.

Rick Womack, a member of the Tennessee House of Representatives, plans to introduce a bill aimed at ending same-sex marriage in the state.  The legislation would prevent the state from issuing marriage licenses to all couples.

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