After proxy vote, trucking firm to introduce LGBT-inclusive nondiscrimination protections

After shareholders approved an investor proposal from Trillium Asset Management, trucking company J.B. Hunt Transport Services will expand nondiscrimination protections to cover sexual orientation and gender identity.  The Lowell, Arkansas-based company had urged stockholders to vote down the proposal, deeming it “unnecessary.”

Trillium, which owns more than 172,000 shares in J.B. Hunt, was the only investor to place a proposal on the proxy ballot. Brianna Murphy, Trillium’s vice president of shareholder advocacy, told Bloomberg in the run-up to the vote that “the trucking business requires employees to travel all over the country, and without a company-wide policy, the employees are at the mercy of the patchwork of state and local policies.”

According J.B. Hunt’s chief financial officer David Mee, 54.7% of votes from shareholders were in favor of the proposal. The firm employs almost 15,000 truck drivers and operates in 40 states.

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