A prominent Japanese businesswoman reveals she has a new LGBT+ activist girlfriend

Kazuyo Katsuma, a prominent Japanese businesswoman and economic commentator, surprised her many fans by revealing that she’s in a relationship with LGBT+ activist Hiroko Masuhara.

Katsuma first rose to prominence as an expert on being a successful working mother; her career included roles at McKinsey & Co. and JPMorgan Chase. She’s also written a number of best-selling books on work-life balance, self-management, and other topics, selling over five million copies.

Reflecting on her relationship, Katsuma told Buzzfeed Japan: “After I met Hiroko, the ice in my heart melted, although it took a few years. I hope this interview article will cheer up someone and trigger a change.”

Fumino Sugiyama, co-chair of the Tokyo Rainbow Pride festival, told the AFP that Katsuma’s announcement “would have a great impact on society as she is such an influential person in business circles.”

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