27 anti-LGBT bills introduced in Oklahoma’s legislature

Twenty-seven anti-LGBT bills have been introduced in the Oklahoma State Legislature so far this year, according to the group Freedom Oklahoma.  All 27 pieces of legislation were introduced by just five state lawmakers.

One bill would provide funding and encourage conversion therapy, a practice that has been repeatedly condemned by major psychiatric groups in the United States and abroad. Another would ban trans people from using the restrooms and locker facilities that they feel most comfortable in.  A third would forbid school counselors from affirming an LGBT student’s identity without informing a parent.

The bevy of bills also includes religious freedom legislation similar to the law passed (and later amended) last year in Indiana.  Experts have predicted that if such a RFRA bill were to pass the state could lose millions in business.  Freedom Oklahoma’s Executive Director, Troy Stevenson, told Oklahoma City’s Fox25 that, “[businesses] will not come into Oklahoma, they will not bring their conferences to Oklahoma City and Tulsa.  They will not have anything to do with a state that is willing to openly and actively discrimination against its own citizens.”

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