10 valuable leadership tips for LGBTQ+ professionals

Yesterday our Founder & CEO Todd Sears was joined on Leadership Lounge by Beth Ford, President & CEO of Land O’Lakes. Beth is the highest ranked out female CEO in the Fortune 500 and just a handful of women CEOs of publicly traded companies. She shared stories from her career as well as lots of great advice for fellow LGBTQ+ professionals.

Read our top 10 leadership insights from Beth Ford, President & CEO, Land O’Lakes:

  1. Yes, I’ve been with the president in the white house, yes, I’m also in the barn. And I love all of it. I love the mess of the human condition.
  2. Food security is a national security issue.
  3. When you’re in this role, it really has very little to do with you actually. It has to do with enabling others’ successes, and being steady and calm. Calm is contagious.
  4. This isn’t a zero-sum game, you can’t think of it that way. When you enable others — partners, whoever it is, your team — all can be more successful. It raises the bar for everyone.
  5. When you hire someone you hire the whole person.
  6. We try to be involved as well in our communities because you leave work. Let’s say you have a great environment and you’re at work, but then if you go out in the community and you don’t feel engaged, included, safe, whatever it is, you’re going to have a problem with attrition.
  7. Be prepared to engage in your own career development.
  8. If you want diverse populations, how are you showing up to their meetings? Are you showing up to the gatherings? Are you showing to make sure they’re included?
  9. Cultures to me are a combination of people and how each individual is showing up every day. What do you tolerate? What do you not tolerate?
  10. The best leaders know that they don’t know everything about everything. They have enough humility to be intellectually curious and to ask questions.