Out Leadership releases the annual State LGBTQ+ Business Climate Index for 2022
LGBTQ+ and Ally executives
creating Return on Equality®
Openly LGBTQ+ and active Ally executives bring unique qualities to leadership.
The people we call #OutLEADERs are intuitive, open, and innovative – and their experiences
have helped them learn how to leverage their identities and make an impact in business.
In this series, we’re honored to share stories and insights from some
of the incredible business leaders we’ve engaged in our work around the world.
Sally Susman
As the Executive Vice President of Corporate Affairs at Pfizer, Sally Susman oversees the company’s relationships with governments around the world as well as its corporate responsib...
Shamina Singh
Shamina Singh has extensive experience creating and delivering strategies in both the private and public sectors to help grow the global economy in a sustainable way. At Mastercar...
International Country CEO Briefs
LGBTQ+ CEO Business Briefs
Out Leadership’s LGBTQ+ CEO Business Briefs seek to help business leaders understand and respond to the operational and reputational risks they face when they do business in countries where the legal and/or social environment makes it difficult for LGBTQ+ people to live openly.
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