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Global Pulse on Equality: Poland

Global Pulse on Equality – Poland
The Changing Landscape for LGBTQ Equality in Poland
September 17th @ 10:00 am EDT | 15:00 CEST

OutLeadership’s very own Fabrice Houdart sits down with Nancy Kelley and Carlamaria Tiburtini to discuss the current state of LGBTQ Equality in Poland.


Fabrice Houdart – Managing Director, Global Equality Initiatives, OutLeadership 

Equality Imperative with Fabrice Houdart: Acclaimed Activist - Urvashi Vaid Copy 1

Guest Speakers:

Nancy Kelley – CEO @ Stonewall UK

/Out Leadership Team Folder/Events/Virtual Events/9-17-20 - Europe Summit - Global Pulse on Equality/Nancy Kelley headshot.jpgNancy Kelley is Stonewall’s Chief Executive. Nancy started with Stonewall on 1 June. Nancy previously was the Deputy Chief Executive and Director of the Policy Research Centre at the National Centre for Social Research (NatCen). At NatCen, she led a team of over 80 researchers specializing in social issues like health, crime and justice, education, work and income, and has been the lead on revenue growth as NatCen has returned to financial health over recent years. Nancy is a passionate advocate for social justice and equality, and while at NatCen has worked on public attitudes to LGBT communities, as well as experiences of discrimination and social exclusion across LGBT communities and other disadvantaged groups. Throughout her 20year career, Nancy has built up a diverse record of policy and leadership experience working across the third sector and in Government. Prior to joining NatCen, she worked at the Department for Work and Pensions. She has also held various policy and research roles at UK charities including the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Refugee Council and Barnardos. Nancy joined Stonewall after a transformational period for the charity which saw it become fully trans inclusive, develop groundbreaking partnerships with the likes of UKBlack Pride and The Premier League, and release a series of indepth research reports, describing the state of the nation for LGBT people in Britain.

Carlamaria Tiburtini – HRBP Commercial, Programs & Comms & Diversity Leader for Avio Aero

Carlamaria Tiburtini is the HR Business Partner for Commercial, Program & Project Management and Communications, but above all she is the Diversity Leader for Avio Aero a GE Aviation Business. She started as a sales analyst (Lehman Brothers) before transitioning into HR to accumulate a wealth of experience (L’Oréal, UTC), particularly in change management, talent development, training management, industrial relation, and inclusion & diversity. In Avio Aero – a GE Aviation Business – she oversees the coordination, planning and implementation for any kind of I&D activity through the recently founded I&D Council, supported by the Avio Aero Leadership team and an organisational matrix populated with focal-points for each affinity network group at every site location. Creative and passionate by nature, Carlamaria is convinced that her job has more to do with a“mission” rather than with a job spec. She likes to go beyond the so-called limits and evaluate people for what they can bring to the company despite their physical envelope, sexual orientation, gender, religion, ethnicity etc. For Avio Aero’s GLBTA Affinity Network, she has put in place several initiatives (beyond the participation to 3 Italian prides, many conference on the specific subject, in particular at Politecnico di Milano gave her the chance to illustrate to students the company’s best practice to include GLBT+employees within the company. Avio Aero is also part of Parks and other associations like ValoreD, Stemby Women, thus underling the importance of being active part of the ecosystem to drive Inclusion 360°.