Past event
Equality Imperative

Join Fabrice Houdart, Managing Director, Global Advocacy Initiatives on the third Thursday of every month for an episode of his conversation series, the Equality Imperative.

Contact for more information on how to register.

January: Corporate equality indexes around the world

February: LGBTQ+ and mental health at work: developing a framework

March: The “Lavender Ceiling” (coincides with the OutQUORUM Summit)

April: A Special Envoys conversation

May: Intersex, trans issues and bodily abuse globally

IDAHOT theme – “”Our bodies, our lives, our rights”

June: Beyond COVID-19, Challenging inequalities

July: LGBTQ in politics in the Global South

August: The employee Resource Group: relic of the past or instrument for the future

September: LGBTQ history in curriculum: the next frontier

October: DEI Inclusion Advisory Boards : are they useful ?

November: A year after the “Great Resignation”: where is the LGBTQ+ talent at?
December: Being LGBTQ+ in the entertainment industry