“I don’t think anyone ever says ‘Hi, I’m your mentor, nice to meet you.’”

nadia allaudin

senior vice president

wealth management

merrill lynch

“It had nothing to do with hating my body. I just love it enough to let it go. I treat it like a house, and when your house is falling apart, you do not evacuate. You make it comfortable enough to house all your insides, you make it pretty enough to invite guests over, you make its floorboards strong enough to stand on.”



“Do not let anyone tell you, ‘this is not how it’s done in this region, you’ll embarrass us, you’ll fall.’ Well, yes, sometimes you will embarrass them, and sometimes you will fall. But if you set your mind to a vision, and it has a moral force behind it, anything can be done.”



out next

Developing and inspiring the next generation of LGBT+ business leaders

OutNEXT is the first global talent development program for the next generation of LGBT+ business leaders. As Out Leadership’s initiative for young leaders, participation is free for Out Leadership members.

Out Leadership’s member companies are invited to select high-performing, high-potential, openly LGBT+ employees (typically with between five and eight years of work experience), to participate in OutNEXT. This cohort engages throughout the year with OutNEXT’s leadership programming, developed specifically for them by PwC.

OutNEXT is decidedly differentiated from other leadership development training – in no small part because of the unique power of its participants. LGBT+ people are used to being in the minority in the work context. There’s something meaningful and empowering about convening this small, selected group of high-achieving LGBT+ business thinkers.


  • 96% of 2016 Summit participants said that OutNEXT created valuable insights for them

  • 93% said that the programming would be applicable at work

  • 96% said that OutNEXT was different from other LGBT+ conferences they’d attended

Our Summits have been hosted by some of the world’s most influential businesses and institutions including:
OutNEXT’s global agenda for 2017

The 2018 program includes a global Summit in New York City and regional salons in London, Hong Kong, and Sydney.

Global Sponsors of OutNEXT for 2018

  • In 2016, the global sponsor of OutNEXT and the host of the global Summit is Barclays.

  • 2016’s OutNEXT Regional Salons are presented by Bloomberg.

Thank you to our 2015
outnext summit speakers
  • Nadia Allaudin

    Senior Vice President, Wealth
    Management, Merrill Lynch
  • J. Bob Alotta

    Executive Director
    Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice
  • Julie Amato

    Ph.D , Sports Psychologist
    Mind of the Athlete, LLC
  • Subha Barry

    Vice President, General Manager
    Working Mother Media
  • Dr. Neil Bentley

    CEO, OUTstanding
    (as of July 23, 2015)
  • Dorie Clark

    Stand Out and Reinventing You
  • Andy Cohen

    Andy Cohen Worldwide
  • Sarah H. Costa

    Executive Director
    Women’s Refugee Foundation
  • Chris Crespo

    Americas Inclusiveness Consultant for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Allies
  • Jeffrey Curbo

    Senior Manager, Advisory Services
  • Zoe Dolan

    Trial Lawyer, Writer, and Creator Facilitator
  • Jason Grenfell-Gardner

    IGI Laboratories, Inc.
  • Tom King

    Chief Executive Officer
    Investment Bank, Barclays
  • Mark Lane

    Director, Corporate Communications
  • Natalie Malloy

    Director of Sales and Marketing
  • Mark McLane

    Managing Director, Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Ken Mehlman

  • David Mixner

    International Human Rights Activist and Best Selling Author
  • Lerato “Lee” Mokobe

    South African Slam Poet and TED Fellow
  • Jim Obergefell

    Plaintiff, Obergefell v. Hodges
  • Alexandro Pádres

    Shearman & Sterling
  • Zakiyyah Salim-Williams

    Chief Diversity Officer
    Gibson Dunn
  • Jarrod Spencer

    Psy.D., Sports Psychologist
    Mind of the Athlete, LLC
  • Glennda Testone

    Executive Director
    The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center

Creating a global network of emerging LGBT+ executive talent and challenging them to solve big problems

Out Leadership Member companies are encouraged to select a diverse group of delegates who have the potential to grow as leaders within their companies, and to send people to OutNEXT events around the world. Every participant at a Salon or a Summit is integrated into the OutNEXT network managed by Out Leadership.

Both the Summit and the Regional Salons include content that covers collaborative problem-solving, personal branding, leading change, sponsorship, and Allyship – and every OutNEXT event has abundant networking opportunities built in. The Global Summit also includes a Hackathon, in which participants are challenged to apply their management expertise to the pressing needs of LGBT non-profits. Groups of 5-7 must work together to create innovative consulting solutions responding to issues important to the LGBT+ community, such as LGBT+ Youth Homelessness, International LGBT+ Rights, HIV/AIDS, and Transgender Rights and Inclusion.

Our goal is to foster real, meaningful connections between OutNEXT participants – pursuant to our belief that creating business relationships and business opportunity helps drive equality forward.

“The OUTNext Summit provided an opportunity to witness how individuals similar to me made an impact in our community and enabled their professional growth. It inspired me to take a proactive stance in identifying and resolving LGBT issues at my workplace as well as furthering my development as an LGBT professional.”

Andrew Naret


“Participating in OutNEXT gave me an interesting vantage to think about and observe my own life in relation to my roles at work, and to understand what it takes to drive things forward. As co-chair of Moody’s LGBT Employee Resource Group, I’ve incorporated some of the strategies I learned at OutNEXT into my approach – which impacts not just my role, but the Moody’s LGBT Community.”

Tricia Smith


“OutNEXT challenged me to practice stepping outside of myself, to look at my situation as if I were an observer.  It’s an incredibly helpful way to see your role in a situation.  Overall, the program gave me perspectives that have helped me to look at my work from new angles, and with greater insight. Challenging assumptions and my own fears helped me build more self-confidence.”

Ethan Rice

Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund

For more information about OutNEXT

Participation in OutNEXT is a benefit of membership in Out Leadership. Member companies are able to send a select number of delegates to the global Summit and to regional salons. We are always looking for compelling content and speakers to present to OutNEXT participants. To engage with the first global leadership development program for emerging LGBT+ business talent, please contact us today.

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  • paul.wendel@outleadership.com
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