We pride ourselves on incorporating LGBT+ inclusion into everything we do, because we know it drives better business results and employee performance; OL-iQ is the first dynamic tool that validates how and where we can enhance programs.

- Samantha Santos

Head of Diversity and Inclusion Americas, Bloomberg L.P.

"OL-iQ has been highly useful in helping us identify specific, data-driven, actionable opportunities to improve our performance around LGBT+ inclusion. We recommend it!”

- Jeff Formanek

Director, Structured Rates, RBC Capital Markets

“Inclusion can be a tricky thing to quantify. It can be hard to understand what we need to do to move the needle further in a way that will create business impact. OL-iQ helped us understand how we’re doing with much more granularity - and will help us optimize our performance.”

- Chris Crespo

Inclusiveness Director, Americas Talent Team, EY

OL-iQ is the first comprehensive global tool for measuring and enhancing business impact around LGBT+ inclusion

OL-iQ is the first global LGBT+ inclusion diagnostic tool. It provides a comprehensive, market-contextualized snapshot of companies’ actual performance on LGBT+ inclusion benchmarks – and identifies the specific measures they can take to improve their performance, and drive business results.

OL-iQ is differentiated from other business assessments of LGBT+ inclusion because it is:

  • Private, not public
  • Business focused, not non-profit focused
  • Global and sensitive to region, not focused just on one country

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  • OLIQ-6

How to use OL-iQ, and what you get when you take the survey

OL-iQ is a survey designed by Out Leadership in partnership with Mathematica Policy Research. Companies who take the diagnostic receive:

  • An easy-to-understand assessment of their current performance on 7 LGBT+ inclusion dimensions – each of which impacts business results
  • A baseline from which progress can be measured
  • A custom report with content specific to your firm’s performance on the diagnostic, with feedback and recommendations for improvement (optional)
  • Statistically valid benchmarking, including across business units, regions, and countries (optional)
  • Employee sentiment assessment to expose gaps between company practice and culture (optional)
  • A data-driven, dynamic overview of the connection between LGBT+ inclusion and performance on other CSR measurements – correlations powered by Just Capital’s data of the firms in the Russell 1000 (optional)


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  • OLIQ-1
  • OLIQ-1

Take the OL-iQ Survey

We invite companies of every size to take the OL-iQ survey.

It should take about an hour – although the platform allows for stopping and starting, and sharing with colleagues for their input, so take it at your own pace, and engage your internal stakeholders to answer the questions as you see fit.

If you have questions as you are filling out the survey, please e-mail Matt Fouracre, our Client & Advisory Services Manager, at matt.fouracre@outleadership.com

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Why measure performance on LGBT+ inclusion?

LGBT+ inclusion is a demonstrated market differentiator, and when it comes to strategies proven to drive better business results, companies searching for competitive edge can’t leave any stone unturned.

Company policies are important – research demonstrates that companies with policies inclusive of LGBT+ people have stock market returns on average 10 percent greater than peer firms who don’t. We know that firms that are optimally LGBT+ inclusive are perceived, and experienced, as more welcoming to other diverse communities, as well.

But inclusion is a lived experience – and companies with the right policies can still fall short, and leave value on the table, by failing to create effectively inclusive cultures.

Companies need to understand LGBT+ inclusion quantitatively – so they know how to focus their efforts to create maximal business impact.

That’s where OL-iQ comes in.


1. Leadership

Does your company have visible LGBT+ leaders in senior management?

2. External Communications

Are your company’s communication materials inclusive of LGBT+ people?

3. External Engagement

Are your company’s leaders and staff aware of the socio-political environment for LGBT+ people in the places where you do business?

4. Philanthropy

Does your company supporting LGBT+ charities, causes, and events?

5. Culture

Does your company actively foster foster workplaces inclusive of LGBT+ people?

6. Policy

Does your company have up-to-date policies in place?

7. Monitoring

Is your company taking steps to quantitatively measure its performance on LGBT+ inclusion?

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